Monday, December 29, 2008


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To Noah

Yesterday was Noah's 2nd birthday. So I thought it appropriate to post some well-wishes from his brothers.

Here is a "Christmas" card that Sam (and Caleb) wrote for Noah:

Cristemis cord to noah
We love noah
noahs cool

noah is veary abedeint

noah looks like a sooprheero
he looks like a wise man
he is just asum

And a week later, on his birthday, Noah received the following:

deer noah
happy brthday noah
yor to today
with happy smiyls to fill yor day

frum Sam

Now either he copied that last line from another source or he's a future Hallmark card writer!

Noah, we love you!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fancy Fig Leaves!

Tonight, Sam got really excited when he saw me opening a package of Green Giant peas. "Mom!! Look, it's Adam!" "What?" I exclaimed, actually looking behind me toward the garage door. "No, right here!" he said, pointing to the bag of peas.

The Jolly Green Giant. Otherwise known as Adam.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I want to be purposeful about everything we do this Christmas. Everything means something!
So at the breakfast table, I asked the boys what a Christmas tree has to do with Jesus being born.
Sam, unprompted and with no previous instruction in the matter, said, "Well, it kind of looks like a cross."
I explained that sometimes the cross is actually referred to as the "tree".
"And so when we look at our tree, we can be reminded that Jesus was born to die on that cross so that we could live forever with him." I finished.
"So what about the green of the tree? Think about what happens in the springtime." I said.
Sam came back with "Growing things, things turn green."
"Things come to life." I prompted.
Sam gets really excited. "So it's like the tree of life? The tree of life in the garden of Eden? And the cross was like a tree of life because we have eternal life because Jesus died on the cross."

Can you wrap your brain around that?

I encouraged them that as we place each ornament on the tree in the next couple of days, I want them to tell me the spiritual significance of each one. *Earlier in the week, I removed all purely secular ornaments from our collection.
It's our goal that as we look at each ornament we're reminded of something Jesus has done for us or a facet of Who Jesus is.

So we had a little example. "One of our ornaments is a small stuffed lion. How could that relate to Jesus?" I asked. I had left our little animals in the collection, thinking that Jesus was the Creator of them all, so they'd work on the tree.
Sam can't be bothered by such a simple meaning though.
"Oh yeah, like how Jesus is the lamb of God, but He's also the lion of Judah."

Oh yeah.

Good job, Sam.

Somehow I think they'll have no problem with this task, and our Christmas "traditions" will take on new and significant meanings.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Grief and Grace

Death was not meant for us.

We were meant to live forever.

It is something foreign that every molecule of our body protests, that our emotions scream out against, that our minds sometimes refuse to accept.

We were meant for an eternal existence.

Thank you Jesus, it is restored!! We have the hope of eternal life. He keeps His promises.

My very good friend lost her baby boy at birth this week. She and her husband have purposely chosen to accept God's sovereignty, not to stray from the path, and to praise Him through their grief.
And God's grace shines through them.

This calls to mind a spiritual strength equal to the physical strength of Samson. Jesus is the Rock. Build your foundation on Him!

*Please keep this family in your prayers.