Friday, January 30, 2009

Spiritual awakening

Noah, our just-turned-two-year-old, is learning to dress himself. Some mornings it's "My turn! I do it!" and others it's "I can't. I can't"
When he tells me he can't, I usually take the moment to review his verse with him that he's currently working on.
"I CAN do ALL THINGS through Him (clarify God) who strengthens (show my big muscles) me!" Philippians 4:13
Yesterday morning, he was working at pulling up his underwear - both the front AND the back! - and was repeating "I can't. I can't." over and over again. I tried instructing him that he needed to get them over the bum in the back before they'd go any farther and sat there patiently (actually, I was just glad for a moment of rest) while he thought about whether he was really going to receive no help from me. Five minutes later, they were up and he came over and stood solemnly in front of me.
"God helped me."

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's either laugh or cry!

If my 4-year-old were your dinner host:

You might find yourself confronted with very sudden, loud tears because he'd just bitten his tongue (just picture this in grown-up form!).

You might be startled by a spontaneous tiger roar every now and then.

You would never be served soup.

Dessert would be served alongside the meal.

The meal would involve countless pieces of bread.

There would be constant laughter and silly rhyming throughout the meal.

Doesn't this sound like fun??!! Who wouldn't want to enjoy a meal like that?

On the Mom side of things, I noticed last night that I can't trust myself by the stove. Since I can't actually see the lower part of my stomach, I managed to burn it while standing too close - on a flat-top range burner! Do they have safety devices for this sort of thing? Some kind of heat-resistant apron or something?