Thursday, September 24, 2009

Playing Footsie

Mom, someone's drooling on my toes.

Who. me??

Mmmm...too good to resist.

Hahaha! He doesn't even know it's me back here!
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We're happy and we know it!

Isaac --------------------------------- Josiah
5 1/2 months

The joy of the Lord.
It certainly is my strength.
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Hear Me Roar

Caleb made a lion face at school the other day.  He's a professional roarer, have I mentioned? 

The school psychologist came into their classroom that day and read a book to them about being scared.  Then she talked about how when you feel scared, you need to find your "inner lion". 

In the newsletter sent home with Caleb that day:

"Kindergartners discovered they need to find their "inner lion" when they find themselves in new places, surrounded by new faces.  As a reminder to always look for our bravery from within, kindergarteners created their own lions to take home with them.  Ask your child what he or she learned about being brave from their school counselor."

This is the kind of subtleness used to train worldly-minded children.

No, I do not expect anything different from a public school.  I do not expect them to teach my children about relying on Jesus.  I do not expect Caleb to come home quoting, "I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength." (Phil. 4:13).  I am very thankful for the note that made me aware of what took place so that I could counter the worldly thoughts of SELF with TRUTH.

Have I mentioned that we're homeschooling starting next fall?  This is a perfect example of why.  I don't want my children under worldly instruction that comes from Satan's dominion of lies for 6+ hours each day.  I want to fill their minds with Truth.

Caleb, our bravery comes from within if you have Jesus in your heart.  If you've chosen to follow Him, He will give you the strength to face new and scary situations.
Trust in Him with all your heart.  Don't depend on your own knowledge of the circumstances.  Do everything for the glory of God and to bring honor to Him, and He will show you The Way.  (paraphrase of Prov. 3:5-6).  Don't worry about anything.  But remember to pray when you feel anxious, praise and worship Him in prayer, and Jesus' peace, one that is so incredible that it doesn't even make sense, will comfort your heart and ease your mind in Jesus' name. (paraphrase of Phil. 4:6-7)   

 The devil prowls around like a roaring lion, searching out someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8).  Be always on your guard.  He's tricky.  Something so seemingly innocent is a facade for something quite dangerous.  And the classroom full of innocent children is like a tasty all-you-can-devour buffet.  He likes them young and tender.

Praise the Lord, HE is the lion of Judah!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Us We Trust

Be patient with other drivers.
Smile at the checker.
Help an older person.
Pick up and dispose of trash.
Smile and laugh more.
Have a kind word for the waitress.
Be considerate of those around you.
Mow a neighbor's yard.
Conserve your water.
Enjoy life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two in!

Josiah ---- Isaac
"Hi there!"

Josiah ---- Isaac

"Aahh, now that I have my wipes, I can finally get in a good nap."

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All through the town

Someday, Noah.

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New Names and Numbers

It was his first day at school.

At the breakfast table: "Caleb, remember I'm gonna be in my own classroom, so I won't be able to help you if you forget your teacher's name." ~ Sam

He was so excited!

"Noah, Sam and me are going to get on the schoolbus and go to school today, so we're not gonna be here for you to play with, but you get to stay here and do special schoolwork with Mama!" ~ Caleb

He loved it. Before we were even in the house after he bounded off the bus, he was unzipping his backpack and taking out the things he made in school.

He said it was okay that he didn't learn anyone's name today because if he wanted to know their name tomorrow, he'd just read their name tag.

His favorite part of the day was doing the calendar, an activity which apparently involves counting the children in the class. He found out there's more girls than boys. I'm sure this was shocking to him.

Restaurants, Recess, and Relationships

Caleb: "Hey Sam, did you eat lunch right at your desk, or did the teacher bring in a table?"

Sam: "We ate lunch in the caf-e-teria. That's what it's called. It's kind of like a great big restaurant, and it has a kitchen in it, so that's where we got our food."

Caleb: "Oh."

Sam had a rough day. He's so outgoing and funny (to a 6-year-old anyway) that I just never think of him having trouble making friends, but apparently, that's just what happened today.

According to Sam, he asked a kid to be his friend and the boy said no.

And his least favorite thing was recess because he was just standing around watching the kids play with friends they'd known before.

"And I was the only one who didn't know ANYBODY! And we had FOUR recesses, too!"

Sam is learning to go to God with his troubles and trust in Him to provide him with some awesome friends.

One of the first things he walked in the door telling us was, "Hey Daddy, you were right. All the girls like to do is yell and scream, and just...all that kind of stuff, you know?"

And then there was, "Oh, Mom, I prayed before I ate lunch."

"You did? That's great, Sam!"

"Yeah, I just prayed in my mind, though."

"That's fine. Did you bow your head or close your eyes?"

"Uh huh. The teacher came up and asked me if I needed anything. She thought I was crying or something."

Friday, September 4, 2009

A Strong Six

He loves to climb trees.
He's missing his two front teeth.
He loves to read.
His spirit is about 20 years older than his body.
He's the family clown.
He does voice impersonations.
He loves to run fast.
He loves his bike and his scooter.
He loves to make friends and to play with his brothers.
He's a leader.
He loves to eat spinach, asparagus, and mushrooms.
He sings.
He improvises on the piano.
He has an imagination you wouldn't believe.
He likes to be trusted with responsibility.
He is the entertainment for the babies.
He invents lego creations.
He sits for hours and listens to Narnia radio theater.
He will soon be a first-grader.
His current favorite phrase is, "I'm gonna get you!"
He loves his orange crocs.
He also loves crocodiles.
He's my 6-year-old.
And I am incredibly blessed.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Funny for four

He's my soon-to-be Kindergartener.
He has a wonderful laugh!
He is a tender-hearted nurturer.
He truly loves his brothers.
He is a heartfelt sharer.
He loves Narnia.
He loves to read words.
He loves to help.
He roars.
He loves snacks.
He loves to eat broccoli.
He has a great imagination.
He sleep-walks (with Daddy's help).
He loves hugs and kisses.
He glows under words of praise and encouragement.
He can ride a 2-wheeler.
He likes riding his new scooter.
He's my 4 1/2 year-old.
And I am so blessed!

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