Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Reality of the Resurrection

 Are you still basking in the joy of the reality of Resurrection Sunday?  The tomb is empty!

 Sinners, as poor beggars, we were.

 Through our death conqueror, Jesus, we are made new and we put on His joy!

 Yes, see for yourself!  He is not there.  He is risen!

 Accept it with childlike faith.  It's that easy!

 Trust in Him and place your life under His control.

 It's not just for the weak!  Even when you're feeling capable in your own strength, courageous and brave, you still need a Saviour.

 Through His Spirit, you will be given His power to defeat the enemy!

 Trust in His Word.  It is your sword!

Though we often feel downtrodden by the enemy, by the power of His name, we will not be defeated!  Jesus has already won the victory!  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two short knights

 Like brother...

 Like brother.

Can you name these brothers?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing yo-yo

The 3 older kids, very much impressed by the yo-yo act they recently witnessed at their homeschooling co-op variety show, all got "yo-yo's" for Jellybean Day.  Why in quotes, you may ask?  Well, they're not really yo-yo's.  The basic form is the same, but it's on a springy string that automatically comes right back to the yo-yo-er without much technique involved.  They still love it, though, and it's easy enough for Noah to feel like he's got a good handle on it.

Yesterday afternoon, they were playing with these things out on the patio, and they decided that they needed music, just like the real yo-yo act they saw.  So we turned on a cd on the outside speakers and they had a blast.

So today, Caleb requested some yo-yo music to practice with, and Daddy let him look through an old cd case and choose what he wanted.

His choice, he declared, was the perfect yo-yo music!

The Essential Yo-Yo Ma

Friday, April 1, 2011



In our household, April 1st has been called Jellybean Day for the past 3 years.  In an effort to remove superficial means of celebrating Resurrection Sunday, and because we don't think candy is inherently evil on its own, we created a day where eating candy can be the focus.  It's a greatly anticipated event around here.  Last year, we hid plastic eggs filled with candy all over the house and outside too.  The gift that keeps on giving, we were still finding eggs in July.

This year, we decided to do a type of scavenger hunt where the kids are handed the first clue, and from there, they are led to where to find the next clue, and the next, until at last, they follow the clue that leads them to the loot.  Because they generally work in teams anyway, I think this will be an acceptable way of presenting the candy.  They're pretty good about divying things up evenly.

Now the kids are waiting anxiously for Daddy to get home from work, at which time the hunt will take place.

And in a few hours, if you drive by our house or are privileged enough to live close by, you may hear wild screaming, view blurs of boys frantically running around and around, up the trees, down the sidewalk, and I'm sure Sam's maniacal jumping jacks will make an appearance.  Don't worry, they're just getting the beans out.

Off to check the locks.