Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And some people avoid having children because of finances!

A Little Child is Watching Me

A little child is watching me
Knows every move I make,
Hears every word I utter.
Sees every step I take.
Is conscious of my attitude,
Is wise to all my flaws,
Is witness when I am unkind,
Or angry without cause.

He silently observes me
As I go from day to day,
While in his mind an image forms
Of what he'll be someday.

Yes, although I do so much wrong
Leave so much good undone,
I'm the model my children have.
I am what they will become.

Dear Father, help me realize
All that I must do.
Let me train and teach my child
To always live for You.

But Father, more than training them
By words and counsel true,
Let me by the way I live
Show them to follow You.

~ Author Unknown

Monday, July 19, 2010


 A week ago, we had the wonderful experience of visiting some good friends in their brand new, self-designed house.  The kids had a blast together.  Here are all but the twins enjoying root beer floats in the backyard.

 The little set had a great time playing together and bonded over some hockey, baseball, and general running-around craziness.

This has got to be the cutest picture of two little boys I've ever seen!

Thanks for a fun time, guys!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Isaac and Josiah see Kansas

 Isaac and sand

 Josiah and sand - not so much mmmmm

 "What the heck is this??"

 Jo-Jo and Daddy

 Just another foot!  You can do it!

 Papa George (also called Jo-Jo at a young age) and Jo-Jo

And they even coordinate.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


 One king sized bed - 5 kids (although the babies actually slept in pack `n plays during our one-night hotel stay)

 Super Sam

 Caleb, Sam, and cousin Evan

 Caleb with cousin Olivia

 Grandma and Papa

 Noah and Olivia being silly

 Can you find all 8 children in this picture?

 Caleb reading a very funny book to Olivia

Isabelle, figuring out a puzzle

The boys had such a fun time with their three cousins (aged 6, 4, and almost 3).  They played with kitties together, did magic tricks together, sang together, read books together, and even played on the slip and slide.  It was a fun-filled weekend.
The boys are going to welcome another girl cousin at the end of October, bringing the total up to 6 boys and 3 girls. 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Take a swing



 A full swing

 A Tire-d swing

 Sam and Caleb with cousin Olivia

 Double swing (or "octa-swing")

A very tire-d swing!  Sydney and Sam push the crew.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Three little kittens

 This kitty got a lot of love the past few days!

 Sadie, the dog, tried to protect him from the curious Isaac.

 Josiah and Isaac enjoyed petting/trying to pull the ears off of the kitty.

 My niece, Olivia.  There were actually 3 kittens at the farm, and believe me, it wasn't enough.  The kids fought over, cried over, contested over, those poor kittens.

 Caleb is happy.  He's holding a kitten.

 Noah holding "Missy", and Caleb holding "Sandy".

 Josiah and "Boots"

 Cousins Lauren and Gracie

 Lauren with "Boots"

Noah saying goodbye to Sandy, his favorite.