Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sam's reading of choice this afternoon was the book of Revelation. At dinner, he claimed to have read the entire book. We were understandably skeptical. That is, until he started relating what he'd learned.
"You know that big monster that is sitting and waiting while that one woman has a baby? He wants to eat it when its born!'

"Oh yeah, the bowls of God's judgment that get poured out onto the earth!"

"The beast...oh yeah, he has the 10 horns on his head. Those are for different kings who rule."

And on it went.

The scary thing is that he understands the symbolic nature of the book and works to understand the meanings of the symbols used.

Brian asked him at one point if he remembered the angel's name who chained the dragon. He couldn't recall it.

"It's Michael." Dad supplied.

"Oh, the woman who helped David." Sam said.

"No." we clarified. "That was a different Michal, David's wife."

"Michael was one of the archangels, one of God's most important angels." I told him.

Recognition dawned.

"Oh yeah!" Sam exclaimed excitedly. "He's the one who came to Noah and told him it was going to rain!"

Oh yes, of course. The arkangel!

Lord, have mercy

5, you say?

A nice family dinner

We may often disagree, but in the end we still love each other.
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Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Madness

No, this will not be a post in which I address my anger issues...

It's Monday - my official laundry day. Also the day I spend doing general cleaning and pick-up from the weekend.

My rule for myself is that I don't go upstairs or down without taking with me something that belongs on the level to where I'm heading. In my brief moments between feeding children, breaking up fights, disciplining children, feeding children, comforting children, dressing children, taking children potty, feeding children, instructing children, explaining to children, answering children, and feeding children, I go on "turbo clean" mode where I spend exactly 30 seconds in whatever room I'm in straightening up messes. If I pass through a room on my way to another one, I do the same in that one. If I'm trying to get dishes done, I do 10 dishes. Or I fold 10 articles of clothing.
I do this with the kids too. I tell them to put 10 toys away in the living room. Then I tell them to do the same in their bedroom. Today, Sam got so into "turbo clean" mode that he was upstairs and downstairs cleaning all on his own. At one point, I went into the boys' room to find everything neatly put away, and Caleb's pillow placed neatly at the head of his bed (all other blankets had been removed - remember, it's laundry day). Sam then came downstairs and started sweeping the entry.
I have my hopes that I passed my cleaning and organizing gene down to that one.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You win some, you lose some

Who needs dieting?

Alternately titled: Bobbleheads now available (babies not included)
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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Phillips' 5



Josiah and Isaac at 2 1/2 months

Can you name them all??
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The SIns of the Father

The 3 older boys were out late tonight playing catch with Daddy. Sam was the first one in the house, and I challenged him to get all ready for bed, including brushing his teeth, before Mama or Daddy came upstairs. He loves races. He was already ripping off his shirt before he fully closed the sliding door to the patio.
Not 30 seconds later, he was back down the stairs in winter jammy pants, which were vetoed by Mom. Back up to change. Well, not really. He just took them off.
As the boys and Daddy converged on the bathroom for Caleb and Noah's teeth brushing, the following conversation took place:

Me: "Sam, did you brush your teeth?"

Sam: "Yeah."

Me: "You did? Then you must not've done a very good job, because you've hardly had time up here at all."

Sam: "Yes I did!"

Here, I go to feed the babies and listen in on the rest as Dad takes over.

Dad: "Sam, did you really brush your teeth?"

Sam: "Yes!"

Dad: "Then why is your toothbrush not wet?"

Sam: "I dried it off."

Dad: "Why is the sink not wet?"

Sam: "I dried it out."

Here, he is accused of lying, given a touch of hotsauce on the tongue, and brought back upstairs. He is still insisting that he brushed his teeth.

Sam: "I DID!!! I DID!!!! I DID BRUSH MY TEETH!!" Repeated many times at an increased volume.

To the bedroom where I'm feeding the babies.

Me: "Sam, if Jesus walked into this room right now, is that what you'd tell him?"

Sam: ......."No..."

Me: "Why not?"


This is repeated several times.

Me: (new tactic) "Is some of what you told us not true?"

Sam: "Yeah."

Me: "Which part?"

Sam: ...silence and contemplation...deep contemplation...."The part about drying off my toothbrush."

Me: "Anything else?"

Sam: "Yeah. The part about drying out the sink. But I DID brush my teeth!"

We go round and round with this some more, but it always comes back to the fact that he wouldn't tell Jesus that he'd brushed his teeth.

Finally, he admits it was a lie. Apologies are offered and accepted. Hugs given.

Daddy: "Sam, do you know how Daddy knew it wasn't true? Because I told the exact same set of lies once to Grandma Sarah and Papa George when I was little. And they didn't believe me either."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caleb's first T-ball practice

It helps to wear the glove on the right
(by that I mean correct) hand

Noah enjoying being a spectator - he
wears his brothers' shorts, maybe
he can play ball someday too.

Here, stop this ball. I'm going to roll
it very slowly, and directly toward you.

Yes, playing in the dirt is fun, but
this is t-ball. Remember? Hello??
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Watch out for shooting stars

Once upon a time - this afternoon, to be exact - Sam sat at the kitchen table eating his snack of goldfish crackers.
Joined by Caleb...

Sam: "Look Caleb, power stars and power fish!"

Caleb: "No Sam, just power stars. `Cause you know, shooting stars? They're really powerful."

Sam: "Oh. Yeah."

Caleb: "And Minnesota doesn't have any shooting stars. That's how powerful they are."

Sam: "You want one of my fish?"

Caleb: "Yeah, then I'll be able to swim. I'll go right into the basement wall."

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 Indicators that You May Be Tired

1. Instead of turning the water off after washing your hands, you turn the light off.

2. You repeatedly call each child their brother's names until you've frustrated yourself into screaming.

3. After a desperate search at two a.m. for your babies, that you KNOW are somewhere in your bed, you discover them sleeping safe and sound in their bassinet after all.

4. You dream that you're sleeping.

5. You gaze longingly at the babies' carseats and think about how comfy they must be - if only they came in your size!

6. You circle the kitchen island 3 times before remembering that you're not supposed to be wandering aimlessly - you're supposed to be getting the milk out of the refrigerator.

7. You don't bother with make-up because it just accentuates your face, and why would you want to do that?

8. You find yourself standing in the driveway holding a large storage container and rocking back and forth soothingly.

9. You take all the leftovers out of the refrigerator in preparation for dinner, only to remember that you're supposed to be preparing breakfast.

10. Lullabyes bring tears to your eyes.

If these sound familiar to you, you may be short on your sleep. You may be working too hard. Or maybe you have a baby (or 2).

Sunday, June 21, 2009


never decides to stay at work even though he knows what's waiting for him at home, does dishes, makes meals, cleans the showers, changes poopy diapers, does my sewing, disciplines the kids, actually agrees to go out to eat once in awhile (all 7!!!), is a considerate friend, a good son, and a loving husband.

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