Friday, March 28, 2008

A run-in with the BOSS

Desperate to go somewhere and do something fun out of the ordinary, I took the boys to Eden Prairie Center to play around in their little playplace for young kids. We've visited occasionally since Sam was just learning to walk and I had to follow him around everywhere to make sure he didn't get trampled. Now, I can't keep up with Sam or Caleb as they leap over the tops of the equipment. I'm constantly reminding them to watch out for the littler ones (like Noah, who they kindly "helped" down the slide a few times). Well, today, they had a run-in with a mouthy little boy. I remember seeing them talk at a distance, but the boys didn't tell me what it was about until we were on our way home.
"Mom, there was a really mean kid there!" Sam says. "He said words like, 'I own this place! I'm serious!' and he said 'I'm the boss around here."
Their first bully!
So Caleb (3) says to me, "Mama, I told him 'I don't believe in you! I believe in GOD!"
Oh boy. This from my sweet Caleb. I can hear the teachers now....
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