Monday, June 9, 2008

Driving me crazy

We're back from our car trip to Ohio! If you're looking for an interesting and spiritually enriching vacation spot, I have to recommend the Creation Museum.

One good thing about a car trip where you're in the car for 2 days (!!) is that at least all the kids are strapped in....right?


"Don't kick your brother!"
"Don't touch your brother!"
"Don't look at your brother!"

"Be quiet!"

"Don't bang your alligator against the window!"
"Don't stick your straw up the air vent!"
"Stop poking yourself with your pencil!"

"No, you cannot have a treat!"
"No, it's not lunchtime yet!"
"No, it's not time for dinner yet!"
"No, we just stopped at a rest stop!"

"You'll have to hold it!"
"We JUST stopped!"
"Get it all out this time!"

"Give it back to him!"
"Give it back now!"
"I said..."

"Please don't put your stuffed animals in your mouth."
"Don't spit your milk out onto sheep."
"Don't hit each other with your stuffed animals - that is NOT a fun game!"
"Stop giving Noah your blanket and then ripping it away from him - that is NOT a fun game!"
"Okay, enough screaming! That is NOT a fun game!"

Then there was Noah, who for the entire return trip was pretty miserable due to a croupy cold. He would scream and scream and scream, and finally I (driving at the time) would reach back and put my hand on his leg. As long as I left it there, he was fine. The second I moved it an inch, he would tug it back up again. He was definitely not satisfied with Brian's hand. My right arm is now a few inches longer than my left.

All in all, the kids actually did a pretty good job! And it's a good thing, because off we go to Kansas on Friday.

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Jennifer Poole said...

Sounds like.... fun?
Hope Kansas is even more fun....
car trips are great, aren't they? Praying for y'all.