Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pack it away, kid!

Sam has now graduated to the Level 2 approach for stopping his thumb-sucking, which he still claims he wants to stop doing.
So now, he brushes his teeth.
He gets on his jammies.
He goes potty.
Then he puts his sock over his "thumb hand" (in his case, it's his right).
Then Daddy puts on the packing tape.

This has provided Caleb with yet another wonderful excuse to leave his room at night: "Sam's taking the tape off!"

He's the self-appointed thumb-sucking police.

1 comment:

Molly said...

Oh, yah. We've used packing tape to keep the kids' diapers on when they've gone through that lovely phase when they decide to take them off during the night. (We also have to put their sleeper jammies on backwards and zip them up in the back for a second deterrent.) It's amazing what a parent can come up with to solve a "problem".
I'm glad to hear he's still trying. It's a tough habit to break, for sure. Way to go, Sam!