Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And the two will become one!

Opening their first birthday present (Josiah/Isaac)

 Little books from Grandma Sarah and Papa George (Josiah/Isaac)

 And summer outfits too! (Josiah/Isaac)

 We did a Noah's Ark theme for the party

 Josiah liked his first taste of chocolate

 They each got an individual monkey cake (banana of course) to eat

 Red things with spots (Isaac)

 The birthday boys! (Isaac/Josiah)

 Mmmm....I like the chocolate frosting the best! (Josiah)

 Can we have this every day? (Isaac)

 Don't touch my cake!  I'm not done! (Isaac)

              It not only tastes good, but it has a great texture! (Josiah)

 More milk please! (Isaac)

 Playing with the party favors

 New friends! (Isaac)

 It's time to say Goodnight!

 I want to put them in my mouth.

Big boy Josiah!

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