Saturday, May 8, 2010

This little piggy ate corn

We've been trying to eat healthier lately - really revolutionizing the way we approach food in general.  It's going to be so much easier to teach the boys about nutrition and health when I can use the example of our own food rather than the food we should be eating.  So this has been kind of my mini-crusade this past week, and I've been so excited I've been sharing information I find out about with the boys at lunchtime.  Caleb tries hard to be as excited about it as I am - what a sweetie :)

So, imagine how timely it was when I go to check Caleb's backpack the other day and find 2 pamphlets:  "I Love Corn!" and "Learning About Pork".

Just a few tidbits for you from this enlightening and eye-opening propeganda.  I mean, educational material:

In "I Love Corn":

"Corn is a terrific food for many kinds of animals including cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, sheep and all kinds of your favorite pets!"
- Never considered having a pet turkey before!  Interesting!
- Have you ever tried to feed Kitty corn before?  Yum yum!

"Nothing (yes, the emphasis is mine) starts the day better than a bowl of your favorite cereal made from CORN!  Delicious and good for you!  Yuuummmm!"
- Better stock up on CORN POPS!

*Pamphlet is put out by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association

Now, my favorite, "Learning About Pork":
This one was a learning/activity book combo, so it had such fun activities as "Connect the little pigs that are dong the same things.  Healthy pigs are happy."
- Apparently there's employment to be had in pig psychology.
"Farmers keep their pigs warm, clean and healthy."
- I just keep thinking, "Green goo."
"Farmers take good care of their animals and animals give us food in return."
- Thank you!
"Pork, please.  It's an important part of a well-balanced diet."
- Translation:  "Eat pork or you might get cancer."
"Pork contains vitamins and minerals for a healthy body."
- Just watch the video.
"Today's pork is good for all ages and all sizes."
- What a bummer twenty years ago when you had to weigh at least 60 pounds! 

*Pamphlet put out by "The Other White Meat"

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