Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brian's Boys

 He's the guy with 5 boys

 He wrestles

 He hugs

 He tickles

 He comforts

He delights

Basically, he's just a walking advertisement for a father.  This guy does it all.  Seriously.  He really does.  My boys get to learn from the best and someday, their wives are gonna be in awe.  Just like me.  And everyone else who sees him in action.  It's so great to be able to brag about your husband because it's so much more noble than bragging about yourself.  And with Father's Day and his birthday falling on the same day this year, there couldn't be a better time.

So, to my husband who comes home every day to a not-so-quiet house, thank you for all the cleaned up messes (like poop all over our 3-year-old - I told you he does it all), all the stories read, the meals prepared, the blades of grass cut, the maintenance problems fixed, the drives to the store for more milk, and more milk, and more milk, the $$$$ (for the milk), the driving, the working (he does something with computers), the clothing of children, the disciplining of children, the corralling of children, the placating of children, etc. 

We all appreciate and love you very much! 

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