Thursday, August 19, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow: A tornado story - part 3

What a privilege it is to share His name.  I don't deserve the honor.  Through this incident, I have had numerous opportunities to publicly glorify the name of Jesus.  What an honor He has given me in allowing me to experience His grace in this way.  As we live through the little inconveniences that He has allowed, I not only experience His grace as He works through me, but I also get to experience His grace as He shines through others.  In the amazing blessing of a provided home, in the gift of a delicious meal, complete with brownies, in the relationships I may not have had, each and every gift is an "I love you" twice over - from the ones I can hug to the One who holds me in His hands through every joy and trial.

Blessed be His name.

Whether storms or sunshine, it is all for Him.

May He become greater and I become less.

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