Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"It's been two weeks,"  you say.  "Is she still alive?"

Yes, we're still here.  Still struggling with schedule flaws.  Still dealing with the tornado after-math.  Still surviving.

The boys are enjoying school - at least that's what they tell their friends.  And yes, they do still have friends.  They have not yet reverted into that hermit-like state that I'm warned all homeschooling children turn to when faced with no peers, no physical activity, no bus, no interaction with other adults, and lets face it, just NO FUN!

For all of you who are beginning your own homeschooling journey or are considering it as a possible schooling option, I hope you know that was all tongue-in-cheek.  I also want you to know that I'm having so much fun with this.  That is, when I'm not trying to corral babies, clean up yet another pee accident from my preschooler (again?), or tell Sam that yes, he has earned 50 MORE jumping jacks because he got up out of his chair after I had told him to first finish task at hand.

Seriously.  It is better than the alternative.  And it is such a privilege to be bringing up my children in the way of the Lord.  I can still say that I believe I am following His will for me and our family.  If it was all teaching, or even MOSTLY teaching (all these caps come from the intense way I've been "speaking" lately) I would absolutely love it.  I'm growing into this here. Anything worth doing, especially as it goes contrary to what the enemy wants for my family, will be hard!

Speaking of the enemy...
today, we went on a field trip to the mall.  That's right, ladies.  Thank you very much.  Oh, that's not the enemy part.  Just wait.

So on the way back home, after realizing we should have been on the way back home about an hour previous to this, I heard the boys in the backseat playing "spiritual warfare".  There was a plastic dragon that was Satan.  And a small Bible that was "the sword of the Spirit", as Caleb proclaimed.  The battle was going well, and then Satan took out his sword: the Sword of Evolution!

Yikes.  Watch out for that one.  Sometimes when you're in the front lines and you're not fully equipped with your spiritual armor, it can cut you (or your children) up pretty badly.  A little cut here, a slice there.  It's a tricky sword.  Because, you know, it's invisible.  And the cuts are too.  So you don't even know you've been wounded until all of a sudden an entire limb falls off.

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