Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmastime is here

Today we celebrate.  As followers of Jesus, we at least claim that we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  I think one of the reasons why this is so hard to follow through on in the playing out of the next 24 hours is that it's so impossible for me to comprehend, although I accept it by faith.  I just cannot grasp the Truth of God becoming a baby.  I mean, just dwell on that for a few seconds, and your head starts spinning.  Kind of like thinking about eternity (forever, and ever, and ever,.....).

God became a baby.  A human baby.

He did it because He loves us so much.  Which is also incomprehensible to me considering how we messed things up so badly.  But even before the banishment from the Garden of Eden, God had promised us a Redeemer, a Messiah that would crush the head of the serpent.

I am just so in awe of Mary.  Can you imagine holding the Son of God in your arms?

The love that was so compelling that God sent Jesus as a baby is the love we celebrate.  It's so much more than a birthday celebration, as some are so fond of telling their preschoolers.  I can understand the sentiment behind that, but it sure waters down the truth for the ones we're trying to teach to follow His ways.  More than a birthday.  Jesus has always been.  And always will be.  Alpha and Omega.  A celebration of a love so magnificent and mysterious that the love I have for my own children is pitifully small in comparison.

Glorify Him in all you do and say.  Always, but especially consciously in the next 24 hours.  Don't let Him get lost beneath the pile of wrapping paper, the pile of dishes, the food.  Invite and savor His presence in the joy and laughter, the fellowship between those we love, and the moments of quiet worship and reflection throughout the day.

And most of all, rejoice!

He gave Himself for you.

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