Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Reality of the Resurrection

 Are you still basking in the joy of the reality of Resurrection Sunday?  The tomb is empty!

 Sinners, as poor beggars, we were.

 Through our death conqueror, Jesus, we are made new and we put on His joy!

 Yes, see for yourself!  He is not there.  He is risen!

 Accept it with childlike faith.  It's that easy!

 Trust in Him and place your life under His control.

 It's not just for the weak!  Even when you're feeling capable in your own strength, courageous and brave, you still need a Saviour.

 Through His Spirit, you will be given His power to defeat the enemy!

 Trust in His Word.  It is your sword!

Though we often feel downtrodden by the enemy, by the power of His name, we will not be defeated!  Jesus has already won the victory!  

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