Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Grocery shopping with 5 children is not my most favorite thing to do.  I'd rather get a cavity filled.  Without novocaine.  It would be a lot less painful.  They're just so out of control and then they feed off each other.  The babies take off their shoes and socks and scream at their brothers, Sam walks around like he's blind, getting in everyone's way, and of course the 5 of them are all over the cart, which makes it impossible for anyone to pass us in an aisle.

Today, we finally arrived at the check-out lane and they were checking out the candy that was available and undressing the mini plastic princesses in the cardboard boxes.  I was frantically trying to unload the cart before things - and by things I mean me -  got out of control.  Caleb started yelling, "Mama, mama, look at this!  This is so cool.  Look!  These say they'll give us 5 hours of energy!!"  I glanced at the package of batteries in his hand.  "Caleb, let's not waste money.  It's better spent on things we actually need."  

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