Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do I have to wait till heaven?

Have you ever noticed that the typical American Church is more affluent than influential?

It seems more concerned with a seat full than a heart full.

It has the means to pay many working within the building, but the workers in the field are in want.

It puts something called worship on display, where a passion for culturally relevant overrides passion for the Creator.

It uses prayer as an opener and a closer articulated by those designated for the privilege.

It dictates to the Holy Spirit rather than listens.

It looks to fresh and often witty quotes to drive the truth home rather than the Word of Truth.

It seeks to provide the emotional equivalent of a recliner for its attenders/spectators.

It seeks to soften the offensiveness of the gospel for sensitive listeners/hearers.

As we follow and act on the leading of the Holy Spirit, as we speak His Truth boldly, as we love each other irrationally and radically, as we heap out grace, yet discern with wisdom, as we joyfully proclaim the love of Jesus within and without the church, we function as the body of Christ.  The church becomes the Church.

And the church shares everything they have.  Within the body and without.

And each seat is full and it doesn't make sense because there haven't even been any special programs!  

And everyone gives what God has put into their heart to give because lives are being changed with each dollar.

And corporate worship has never felt more holy and intimate and family-like.

And prayer flows freely from each mouth with faith that the Father wants to give us our requests.

And the filling of the Spirit is evident in the joy that is radiating from each face.

And the thirsty are quenched with the Word of Truth which truly satisfies.

And it's both hard to come and hard to go, because the words are challenging and awakening to the soul.

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