Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is there a draft in here?

One of those days where I'm sitting on the living room floor at my wits end.  Our fireplace had been running in place of heat on a chilly November morning.  Our children had been running obnoxiously into this room, around that room, over the coffee table, off the side of the couch...
As they all dashed upstairs in their play, I noticed a big white spot on the front of the fireplace.  My hands remembered the time it had taken me to scrape off baked crayon just days after we'd had our brand new fireplace installed.  They didn't want to do that again.  They wanted to hold a cup of ice cream or pet a soft kitten,
On top of that, the boys had taken all the cushions off the couches and had been jumping around, and now Josiah was bringing me handfuls of cotton.  From somewhere which he knew not.  I pleaded with him to tell me `WHERE did you get that??' but he would just point at different spots on the living room floor.

Then the moment came.

Isaac came peacefully strolling into the living room, into my stressed out thoughts.

He stood in front of the fireplace, which was now OFF due to the fact that I didn't want the spot to burn any more than it had already.  Maybe he was cold.  As soon as we had turned on the fireplace, the boys had stripped down and the little ones were just in their diapers.

Like this.

You know those "Aha!" moments that come every once in awhile?

I had one.

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