Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have questions? Here are some answers.

To all the curious:

Yes, we're excited.
Yes, the boys are excited, too.
No, we're not really hoping for a girl.  Why set ourselves up for disappointment?:)  Besides, what would she play with?
No, this isn't why we bought the van.  But it'll sure come in handy.
Yes, in late June.
No, I'm not just gaining weight.
Yes, we know there's just one.
Yes, all plans are in His hands.  We choose to trust Him.
No, we don't know where he/she will sleep.  We do have a changing table that we're thinking of converting to bunk beds.
No, we're not finding out.
No, we're not sharing names either.  We've got to keep people's interest going somehow.
No, you're not the last to know.  We chose to be slow in announcing this time.

Phillips baby #6 due June 26.

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