Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Picture this!

(time in KS in Feb)

(also in KS)

"Enjoying Grandma"

"Papa chair"


"Next purchase: blinds"

"Rolling with it"

"Snuggly siblings"
(Isaac, Caleb, Josiah)

"Spring thaw"
(Minnehaha falls)

"Boy joy" 

"Learning outside the house"

"Jellybean Day"

"Graceful spring"
(Magnolia tree mid-March)

"A Minnesota Miracle"
(March daffodils!)

"Isaac's 3!"

"He is Risen!"
(Resurrection Day, 2012)

"Brand new 3-year-olds"

"Rockin' bros"
(Isaac, Josiah)

"My brother, my friend"

"Birthday pancakes!"

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