Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Crazy fun

 "This is my brother.  We love each other.  Ow!  Your fingers are digging into my shoulder!"

 "Stop!  Not like that!"

 "I look good.  Glamour good."

 "Fourscore and seven years ago...."

 "You're weird.  Disturbingly so."

 "Fire.  Hot!"

 "Who's on first? No, who's on second?  I don't know..."

 "Awww....we laugh.  It is funny."

 "Orange.  Blocks.  Right here in front of me."

 "We love orange!"

 "Wait a second...who's that??  We're being watched!"

 "Move over guys.  Time for some of this."

 "All me!  All alone!"

 "A Noah sandwich!"

"Tell it again, Sam!"

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