Monday, May 19, 2008

My Kinder Garden

Find out what your kids are interested in, and allow them various experiences within these interests.

Sam attended our church's end-of-the-"year" choir concert last night and claims he liked it "as much as the David Phelps concert". He told someone there that he likes all kinds of music.

Music is one of the interests we've discovered in Sam, so we try to give him these little opportunities and experiences with music.

I think that one of our responsibilities as parents is to discern our children's God-given gifts in order to nurture them. It's so fun to see these things in my child that God "planted" there - I'm reminded of a dormant perennial that you have the fun of seeing grow after the previous owner planted it.

Maybe this is just parent common-sense, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

We haven't figured out what Caleb's interests are yet - other than puzzles. Maybe in another year or so...

And Noah's a little young - unless his interest in desserts counts. We do try to offer him a nice variety of those.

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