Thursday, May 29, 2008

What was the question?

Caleb, Noah, and I went to Gramma Sue's this morning to pick up much-missed Sam. Here is a conversation - pretty typical - between myself and my second son.
Caleb: "Is it a long way to Gramma Sue's?"
Me: "Pretty long. But remember, I told you we were going to make a stop at the mall first, and then we'll be going to Gramma Sue's to eat lunch."
Caleb: "It's not a long way to Gramma Sue's."
Me: -------------
Caleb: "When's Christmas gonna be here?"
Me: "Caleb, Christmas is a long way away."
Caleb: "Is Kansas before Christmas?"
Me: "Yes, we're going to Kansas in a few weeks, and Christmas isn't until the end of the year."
Caleb: "Is Arizona before Christmas?"
Me: "Yes, Arizona's in just a few weeks too, remember? Christmas is a long, long, long time from now."
Caleb: "Not that trip, the one where we go on the plane, the big plane."
Me: "That's the trip I was talking about, Caleb."
Caleb: "No it wasn't."
Me: "Yes it was."
Caleb: "No it wasn't. Can we eat lunch at the mall?"
Me: "No, we're eating lunch at Gramma Sue's"
Caleb: "Well, they can eat there too."
Me: "Caleb..." I'm at a loss.
Caleb: "Are we almost to Gramma Sue's?"
Me: "No, we're going to the mall, remember?"
Caleb: "Is it a long way to the mall?"
Me: "VERY!"


Jen D said...

haha--this cracks me up! It reminds me of EVERY single conversation I have with my 2-year old daughter. And she honestly talks non-stop ALL day long! I enjoy your blog--thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Thanks for reading! :)