Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bible-uncensored...sort of

I read the story of Dinah tonight with Sam and Caleb, which led to a discussion of biblical circumcision. When I got done explaining what was done, Caleb's reaction was, "Ouch!!"
The other sticky subject was of course, the fact that Dinah was raped by the prince of Shechem. The version I was reading explained it this way: He took her and hurt her, treating her like she was his wife.
Later, I wanted to see how much of this Sam was getting, so I asked him what the prince did that was so bad. He responded that he'd treated Dinah like she was his wife when she wasn't. I wonder what he thinks this means? I wanted to question, but I wasn't that brave!


Beckie said...

He probably thinks it means holding hands.

Brian said...

If he does, it's because that's what his Kindergarten teacher told him while scolding him about holding hands at school :-)