Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Getting to know me

I have been tagged by J Mom.
1. Link to the person who tagged you
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3. List 6 random facts about yourself
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6 Random Facts About Me: (or, "What You Never Needed to Know")

1. I hate trends. Even if I liked it before it became popular, if everyone's suddenly into it, I'm turned off.

2. My most famous random fact: I have no bellybutton. I should've been named "Eve".

3. I wrote a novel from 6th to 11th grade. The main character was named "Elizabeth".

4. Although shy growing up, I did some pretty gutsy things, like selling the neighbors flowers to the rest of the neighborhood and swinging a stick around "just for fun" in Kindergarten (ended up hitting a girl in the eye). Huh, maybe that's where Sam gets it...

5. I have this weird fantasy involving a small space (like a submarine or something) that can only hold a certain amount of people, each bringing items to survive on in one grocery bag each.

6. I love food. In fact, my first doll was named "Hot Dog". I also, at various stages of my childhood, had pets named "Twinkie" and "Cupcake". I notice I refer to my children as "Punkin Pie" or "Sweetie". Maybe someday, we can have a "Haagen Daaz".

In turn, I will tag:
Jen at The Mulvihills, Candice at Godfrey Family, Beckie at Three Men and a Lady, Dad at Flint: The Hard Truth, Jennifer at Everlaughter Life, and Brendan (or Molly) at Ecclesia Domestica.
Follow the 6 steps at the top of my entry and come up with some random facts!


sean said...

"Tagging" sounds an awful lot like SPAM emails that tell you to forward the email on to 10 people.

Sarah said...

It's a lot more personal than that. If it wasn't I wouldn't have done it. Hate those emails.