Thursday, February 12, 2009

3 little monkeys INSIDE

Sometimes we just need to have a "get the energy out" session. Usually, it's when the kids have been ultra-obnoxious during dinner and patience is running thin.
Here's an example of one of these evenings we had recently:

* Have a spinning contest
* How many legos can you put in the bucket with a spoon contest. Carrying the bucket back to the starting line in your teeth could be optional, but the boys loved the extra challenge.
* How many times can you run around Daddy? 10 times? How about 100? Sam - mission accomplished.
* Gallop, skip, jog around the kitchen/dining room loop. You're out if you knock your brother to the ground and then just keep going without stopping to help.

Or, just put the bucket on your head and be so happy you drool.

Ahhh, winter in Minnesota.
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