Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I am so excited about Noah's recent progress in "school".  I started doing pre-school work with him about the time the older boys started in school, so he's been working for about 6 weeks now.

And he's learned about 15 letters! 

I had to come up with some new memory tricks for Noah.  So I thought I'd share what I do for each letter. 

A: "Up, down, and across!  Hooray for A!"  Fist in the air.

B:  The two loops are bees wings.  Bzzzzz...says the bee!

C:  "See, it has it's mouth open!"

D:  "DaDEE has a big tummy!"  (Brian loves this one)

E:  As we count the lines going out, "One, two, threeeee....Eeeeee!"

F:  This was tricky.  I told him it looks like a Fffflag.  And then made up a little ditty.  "F is for Flag.  Funny, funny flag"  Stress the F sound. 

G: Not yet

H: He just picked this one up on his own.

I: Not yet

J: Not yet

K: Not yet

L: Lllllick.  This one has his tongue out!

M:  Mmman climbs a Mmmmountain.  We trace the mountains with his finger.

N: Up (Voice goes up), down (voice goes down), up (voice up again).  "N,n,n,n,n" (Come down a 5 note scale).  It worked.

O: Make lips round like an O.  This one's pretty obvious

P: Not yet

Q:  Look, it has a tail!  It's so CUte!!

R: Not yet

S:  Sssss says the ssssnake.  And it looks like a snake, too.

T:  This one's really bizarre, but I only had to tell him once;  See the bridge, and a ttttiger is walking across.  And you know what he's drinking?  T!

U:  YOU could sit inside of it!

V:  Not yet

W:  Not yet

X:  Follow with finger and say, "X it out!"

Y: Not yet

Z:  Follow with finger and say, "Zzzzip up the Z!"

He has a lot of fun going through these and after a few days of getting through all the ones he knows, I'll add one or two more. 

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