Sunday, October 4, 2009

Your toast

We had toast with dinner the other night.  Sam and Caleb each wanted one more piece and the rest of us were just finishing up, so I told them they could go and put their own bread in the toaster.  As you will see, letting them help out in the kitchen is apparently a very rare occurrence. 

Sam, after putting the bread in.  "Now what do I do?"

Dad instructs him on pushing the lever all the way down.

They were standing side by side, gripping the side of the counter and staring at the toaster. 

As I was enjoying my last bite of cheesy scrambled eggs, I heard Caleb jump up and the toast pop up at the exact same time. Sam start whining and throwing a full-blown fit about how "Caleb made the toast come out!!  Caleb!! Stop!!"

"Sam, Caleb didn't make the toast come up when he jumped.  It popped up on its own because it was done."

He calms down slightly but is still whiny. 

"Then I get this one!"  He grabs at the toast he can see - the other one is a bit shorter and hidden down a bit inside the toaster, being the end piece.

Then Caleb starts complaining and wondering where his is and when it will be done.

I take it out of the toaster.

"It's right here, Caleb."

His eyes light up. 

"Hey look!"  he announces to the family.  "Both pieces came up at the SAME TIME!"

Aren't toasters AMAZING???!!

Time to start cooking lessons. 

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