Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Guess he's ready for macaroni

I know I've had 5 when:

*The pacifier that's been behind the crib for weeks is found, given a brief dusting, and happily given to the screaming child in the crib.

*Leftover food from my oldest are passed down through the next 2 kids until it's finally gone.

*My older child has to inform me that one of the babies is crying.

*Even after being through the laundry, the waist of my pants is still creased from the muffin-top that is my stomach.

*One kleenex is used to wipe 4 runny noses.

*If the onesie is just a little wet or just a bit poopy, it's got a lot of wear left.

*I don't bother changing my spit-up stained outfit until it's time for bed.

*Toilets get flushed at certain times of the day.  One in the morning, one in the evening.  Unless by some miracle, someone under 7 remembers to flush.

*I make my 2-year-old do the vacuuming.

*Sometimes french fries, tomato sauce, or onion rings qualify as a serving of veggies. 

*Everywhere I turn, I see a framed picture of one of my children smiling back at me.

*I have to catch myself in the process of starting to cut up my husband's steak.

*If it doesn't smell, it's clean enough.

*Sometimes trying to come up with a name ends up sounding like family role-call.

*I gear my 7-month-old's readiness for certain solids based on what I've seen him successfully consume off the floor from under the kitchen table.

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