Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Y don't you take a drink?

Noah's learned some new letters over the last couple of weeks:

I:  The I is a springboard.  Jump, jump, jump..."I can do it!!" as he dives off.

M: along with the man climbing the mountains, he gets to the top and digs for M&M's.

P:  Can you see that big nose on this letter?  Sniff, sniff.  P-U!!  Emphasis on the P, of course.

R: This letter is a pirate running - see his leg sticking out?  And as he runs, he yells, "Arrrrrr!"

Y:  I used this one with my oldest when he was learning - first, convince them that this is a fancy glass.  You grab the handle, hold it out and say, "WHY don't you take a drink?"  Use hand motions and always say the same thing, they'll get it.

More to come soon!  He's learning fast.

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