Friday, February 3, 2012

My Laughter

Isaac is our funny, witty, gleeful little package of unlimited energy.  You know how 6 or 7-month old babies will just grin at you with such delight and get all squirmy they're so happy?  It's like Isaac is stuck in that mode.  He exudes happiness from his pores.  Even when he's sick.  Five minutes after `coming down' with the stomach flu, he was playing hide and seek - in the dryer.

He wants to do everything like a "boy boy" (big boy), he loves to point out "trappers" (tractors), and he loves everything.  "I love those horsies, Mama!"  "I love both of those colors, Mama!"

His understanding of the world around him is delightful.  At swimming lessons as I was doling out pairs of goggles, it was, "I want my goggles on my three-head Mama."

He also understands a lot more about the coming baby than his siblings at this age ever did!  When I was expecting our third child, we didn't tell the older two until about 6 weeks before the birth and they never noticed anything!

Isaac frequently gestures toward my stomach and says casually, "There's a baby in there."  Tonight at dinner was one of those times.  Then I was eating a gingersnap, and he wondered, "When you eat that cookie, then it goes down into your tummy and then the baby eats the cookie?"

Well...sort of.

Shortly after that, "Mama, you could rip off your head and then the baby could come out of your neck."

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