Thursday, February 2, 2012

So hap-pee!

You know how parenting has those giant swings between "I'm an expert on this topic" and "I've decided I know absolutely nothing about this"?

Potty training swings wildly between these two for me.  After we potty trained our oldest in 3 days just after he turned three, I knew it all.  Just follow the 3-day method - nothing to it.  I was so confident that I started our second-born when he was 19 months because I'd read an article that had me convinced that the whole idea of "readiness" was a myth and that girls and boys all have the necessary physical development at 21 months.  Being as that I had such advanced children, I reasoned that mine would probably be ready at 19 months, so we dove in.  2,000 pairs of underwear and 4 months later, he was trained during the day but had trouble at night for years.  It shook me.

Our third, I waited until a standardly accepted age, right around 2.  He took a couple of months, but it was just h-orrible!  I hated potty training, I decided.  I also decided that I had no right giving advice to anyone on this topic.  Beats me.  I don't get it.

I was dreading training the twins!  Love, love, love diapers.  They're great for my floors, great for my sanity, great for the general mood of the home.  I wasn't planning on training them until they were 3 - maybe.

Then I have this pressing deadline of the end of June.  I don't want 3 kids in diapers.  Mostly because of money.

So Isaac was apparently the most ready.  He knew which muscles he needed to use to go all forms of potty and could activate them when he sat down.

Monday we went hard-core to underwear.  I was determined there would be no turning back.

I am now convinced once again that I have the secret to easy, painless, potty-training.  By this, the third day, he is staying dry at naps, and taking himself to the bathroom whenever he has to go.  It has been a breeze!  I am such a potty-training expert!  Way to go me!  After training 3, I finally figured it all out.  Again.

Or our children are individually designed and wired differently.

It might be that.

So here we are at the end of the week, and I have a deep, immovable joy.  All because of successful potty training.

Sometimes the Lord is humorous with the grace He bestows.  He understands us mothers so perfectly.  Makes sense I guess, with Him being our Creator and all.

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