Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun with Photos Full of Phillips

You know how some families have a certain family "look" to them?  Apparently, we have that.  With each new child, we hear, "He's certainly a Phillips child!" or "He looks just like the rest of them!"  Now, with the arrival of a girl to the tribe, people are more interested - no one's ever seen a Phillips girl, after all.  So the comments are a bit more varied.  They try hard to draw comparisons.  "She looks just like Noah!"  "Wow, she really looks like Josiah!"  "Oh my, she looks so much like Isaac!"  "I can't believe how much she looks like Sam!"  
Now, maybe it's true that all my children look so much alike that they all look like each other.  Or, maybe it's not.  I don't know.  They all look pretty different to me - sometimes the thing that's really noticeable to those outside the family escapes those inside the family.
So I'm asking you to put some thought into this.  Seriously, now.  
But first, we need to establish your credibility.  Can you tell my children apart?  And for a special treat, we have never-before-seen footage!  (This may or may not be due to the intentionally blurred effect, added of course, to ramp up the challenge for you.)










J. (extra credit!)


Okay, now that I'm--I mean, you are totally confused, let's think about are my six babies at approximately the same age Mercy is now.  Extra kudos to you for being able to name each baby - maybe you can come over and help me with my photo albums - but which one do you think Mercy looks the most like?





*Answers and results will be published in a follow-up post.

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