Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's all fun and my imagination

Things I'm missing out on while traveling without my boys:

No one is spinning the movable closet around and around while their brother rides on one of the shelves.
No one is making faces on either side of the glass around the huge tub.
No one is standing on the window seat with their body pressed against the glass of the window, looking down at traffic eleven floors below.
No one is jumping on the bed.
No one is spinning around on the office chair or hiding under the desk or dialing the phone or climbing over the furniture.
No one is opening and closing and opening and closing and opening and closing the door to the room.
No one is playing on either side of the heavy swinging door leading to the toilet.
No one is attempting to flood the tiled room that contains the shower and the tub.
No one is making faces at themselves or their siblings in the mirrors.
No one is asking if it's okay to drink the alcoholic beverages.
No one is playing with the touch-activated lighting system.

My husband and I are in NYC with our youngest while he works in the home office for a couple of days and I explore the financial district.  We're also here to celebrate our 11th anniversary, which is on Saturday.  Our boys are home with family and friends.  It's delightful.  But I miss my boys!  Thank you for experiencing with me my stress-free, virtual reality of having them here.

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