Friday, October 5, 2012

My classroom

When you homeschool, you get to start school whenever you want!  So we waited till Oct. 1, due to the fact that we were traveling.  Wait, actually, the boys did their "swimming unit" in Arizona, so I guess we officially started then!
Just for fun, here are some first-day-of-school shots.  Apparently, it was the brightest day ever!
*Grades listed do not necessarily reflect the true level of knowledge each one is capable of.

GLORIA DEO ACADEMY - 2012-13 Class

Sam - 4th grade

Caleb - 3rd grade

Noah - Kindergarten

Isaac - preschool (3 yrs)

Josiah - Preschool (3 yrs) (side note: this is his I'm-trying-not-to-smile face)

If they ever do a recording together, this is what they should use for the front of the CD

Isaac's first-ever schoolwork!

Josiah's first-ever schoolwork!
*In case you need help here, if our 3-year-olds were in this book, they would not be "SAME", they would be "DIFFERENT".

**Not pictured: Mercy Praise, nursery - she was enjoying her "sleep" unit.

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