Saturday, March 30, 2013

Squash Bugs!

To my fellow believers, those who profess faith in the Risen Lamb of God:

I would like to encourage you to "come out from them and be separate".  (2 Cor. 6:17)

I'm not sure what draws you to the Easter bunny?  (Maybe pause a moment and consider this question more deeply).  Are you embracing this worldly practice because you grew up with it yourself?  Because it is cute?  Because...I can't think of anything else, I'm at a loss.

Never mind (for this year's post anyway) the heathenish, satanic practices at the root of so many traditions around Easter.

What better, easier opportunity do we have to demonstrate that you live not as the world lives, like people who have no hope?  Instead, we are embracing their practices and teaching them to our children, alongside the Holy Name of Jesus.  How is this possible?

Do you doubt evil's involvement in this?  Remember that American culture is extremely child-centered. It would make sense for Satan to target our children, tainting a holy remembrance and celebration like the Resurrection with pastel candies and a giant fluffy bunny.

Fill your days of celebration not with meaningless "fluff" (so to speak) but with intentional, meaningful practices.  Just as Passover is celebrated with such rich symbolism, opportunities to teach about Christ, opportunities, yes, to make memories, bond with your children, and have fun!

Out with the bunny.

In with the Lamb!

He is quite territorial, you know.  (Ex. 20:5)

There is still time, during this Feast of Unleavened Bread, to clear every bit of yeast (sin) out of your house!

He is the Bread of Life.  Feast on Him.  You will never be hungry for more.

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