Wednesday, March 6, 2013

White House Wars

In a strange twist of....well, I'm not even sure exactly what here, but this is the newest game craze in our house (names omitted for identity protection):

"I wanna be BarackO!"
"You got to be BarackO last time!  It's my turn to be BarackO!"
"Fine.  Then I get to be George Washington."
...knock, knock, knock...
George Washington is at the door.  He is let in.
"BarackO!  You'd better come out here right now!  You're not treating the people in this country right!"
A wrestling match ensues.
The match grows to include John Adams, Teddy Roosevelt, and George W. Bush.  Weird and weirder things are shouted back and forth as the wrestling escalates.  I finally put a stop to it.  A few hours go by until I once again hear, "Hey guys!  Let's play BarackO!"

Now, could this be a combined result of spending too much time with a president puzzle and a president placemat?  Imaginations gone awry?

A sample of homeschooling weirdness?

You know, I really don't even want to know.  My children sometimes scare me.

But O`bama be warned.  My children are on to you.

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