Friday, October 10, 2014

Mercy's moments

Mercy Praise
2 years + 4 months
She has a "sunshine/thunderstorm" personality.  Loves to "sleep in" - just lying in bed with her blankie and paci, and if someone tries to get her out of bed before she's ready, watch out!

She is into all things girlie - loves to play with her baby dolls, loves to get "piggies" in her hair or make one in mama's hair, enjoys picking out pretty clothes and posing with her sweet smile.

She has natural curl, but if her hair is in piggies, it gets straightened out - so these curls were mom-made - we very carefully added some curl for the first time!

She loves her big brothers!  Sam has taken on the responsibility of watching the minis (Mercy and Moses) on Friday mornings while the rest of the gang is at swimming lessons.  It's about a 1 1/2 hour job and is safeguarded by the fact that Daddy works from home.

She likes to color - as a special treat, we got out the window markers.

She is a talker!  She talks everywhere - in her bed, in the bathroom, as she's playing, in the car.  She also sings - on pitch - any notes I play for her on the piano.  She loves to sit and look at books and will "read" to herself in nonsense language.  The other day, I was standing at the kitchen counter and she snuck up behind me and plopped down on a little stool.  As I stepped away, I stepped on her little foot - she cried a bit but calmed down quickly.  Then she went and told Daddy with her big eyes and earnest expression that "Mama punished my toe!  And it got an owie!"

Her latest love is watching me in the kitchen - recently, she helped make chocolate chip cookies.

Mercy, you are a joyful little girl and you add so much joy to our home!  

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