Friday, October 31, 2014

Isaac's Interests

Isaac John -
a small package of
quiet (sometimes),
 He and his brothers had a blast playing in leaves which they hauled in from several other yards to dump in our own (sorry, you missed your chance - no more leaves accepted)

 Adores his younger siblings

 Has been a trooper on our walks this fall - he will walk (and be the first!) over 6 miles with nary a complaint!

 Hanging on for dear life - if his brothers are having an adventure, he needs to be in on it.

 Don't just leaf me here!

 He and Josiah are both making headway this year with memorizing the first chapter of John - they were reciting for Grandma Sue here.

 Gymnastics - all that energy is a bit like watching a puppy who's just eaten a chocolate bar.

Isaac loves to read, has amazing handwriting for a 5 (or 10!) year old, loves horses and cats, will often go and spend time alone playing with legos, just started piano lessons this fall, and can often be found sprawled on the floor working ahead on his Math.  He's got a wonderfully goofy personality.

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