Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An exam room with 3 boys

I was at a doctor's appointment today for Noah. Brian came for a bit to help manage the boys, but he had to leave for a work lunch about halfway through the appointment. The wait got long as we waited for Noah (poor Noah!) to get his shots. Sam and Caleb actually did pretty well looking at their books - I told them not to move from their respective chairs. Noah, however, was getting very antsy and screaming pretty loud. But then we discovered:

*The exam room table has fun paper on it for drawing or crinkling or hey, ripping to shreds too.
*The stack of styrofoam cups by the sink can be used to build buildings or towers - which are fun to knock down. They can also be used to hold a small amount of water for a 15-month-old to sip or pour down his front (this activity was promptly followed by "Mom, can I have some? I'm so thirsty, it's so hot in here..."). Or they can be given to the child for a temporary chew toy - this is a fun activity for both mom and child as mom can gather up each piece and throw it away one at a time.
*Tongue depressors are good for sucking/chewing on until they splinter.
*If the screaming gets too loud, the blood pressure cuff makes a great muffle! Just wrap it around child's mouth and squeeze the bulb a few times.
*A small mirror above the sink is a good distraction to practice waving or making silly faces.
*The doctor's little stool with the wheels is a fun ride! (Usually rooms are small enough where you should allow only your child to enjoy this - not yourself.)
*Our room had a poster from Star Wars - which provided a great conversation piece for Sam and Caleb about the cool light sabers. It also had a picture of an elephant riding a skateboard (my personal favorite). Noah enjoyed looking at the elephant.
If, by the time all of the above activities are completed, someone has not yet arrived in your room, I would suggest opening the door and favoring the nurses' station with the sound of your children and their patience level.
Our nurse had come back by this time with Noah's shots. Sam and Caleb instantly crowded around the exam table to watch the administration of the shots - it was the part they'd been waiting for! Noah didn't like it too much though. He refused to cry after the first shot (he turned beet red), but the second one was just too much for him. His consolation was the yummy medicine he got to take for his ear infection upon arriving home.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to picture why a Star Wars poster would include a picture of an elephant on a skateboard. Was it carrying a lightsaber? Hmm...

Sarah said...

Sorry I wasn't clear on that...the elephant and skateboard picture was a totally different picture. Does that help?

Anonymous said...