Thursday, April 24, 2008


My boys, Sam in particular, have always been very fascinated with heaven. This fascination has led to many interesting discussions. In the car a few weeks ago, Sam asked me, "Mom, when is everyone in the whole world going to be the same age?"
"Well, uh, never Sam. Although, some people believe that when we get to heaven everyone will be the same age."
"I'm some people because I believe that!" he answers.
"I don't think age will even really matter in heaven, since God is so much outside of time. Things go on forever and ever and ever and just keep getting happier and better." I tell him.
"Well, will people have babies in heaven then? Because having a baby is a very happy thing!" Sam responds.

Today, Sam asked me if the neighbor's dog (who recently died) was playing up in heaven.

Caleb asked what kinds of food is going to be there.

Sam said he wondered if there would be flowers growing in "God's house". "`Cause He could just say `Let flowers grow from the ground right here!' and then they would!"

Both wanted to know if they could bring toys to play with or if there would be any toys there. "Heaven will have so many wonderful things to do and see that you won't care about silly toys anymore." I respond.

Sam asks if he'll get to see Jesus there.

Caleb said he hopes there will be lots of vegetables growing there, like green beans. "Only in the summer though".

We were also having a discussion about their spirits and how our body is kind of like a glove for our spirit. That led to "My spirit's name is Sam" "My spirit's name is Caleb" "Your spirit's name is Mommy". I'm cringing listening to this as I imagine them saying something like this to the general public.
Sam asked me if the dead bodies in the ground would just get "sucked up" to heaven when Jesus comes back.

When I told them that they'd probably get to see and talk to a lot of cool people from the Bible, Jonah was a favorite, as was Noah and Adam and Eve.

"And why does everyone sin now, Mama, just because Adam and Eve did?" This from Sam.

After this, it was time to clean up from breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice that you decided to omit your answer to Sam's question about the neighbor's dog playing in heaven. I'd love to see your opinion on that posted here! :)

Sarah said...

MY OPINION (you'll notice I'm putting this in a comment-not as a blog heading) is that animals, unlike people, do not have souls, therefore when their bodies die, they are in the ground for good, nothing happens. However, I do think that there will be other animals in heaven, with God being so creative and all. I don't think He limited His creativity to earth.
Good enough?