Friday, April 25, 2008

Introduction to Orchestra Hall

Sam experienced a "Kinder Konzert" at Orchestra Hall this morning.
He got to experiment with playing rhythms and also got a chance to play a violin and a drum.
He LOVED it!!

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Anonymous said...


I abhor the way spelling of simple words has be altered. How do you think kidz learn how to spell? By seeing and reading words. Everytime I see a word like "konzert" I'm reminded of a spelling test in which I spelled "nor" "knorr". Like the food. That's the only way I had ever seen it spelled before. I know that's a little bit different because it's probably the founder of the company's last name.

Sarah said...

I agree!

What the heck is knorr?

Brian said...

For everyone's viewing pleasure:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Brian! Sarah, I thought for sure you would know what Knorr was.

(And, NO, there isn't any hidden meaning behind that statement!)

Sarah said...

I recognize the label now.

Sarah said...

Pictures...I need pictures.