Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sam's reading of choice this afternoon was the book of Revelation. At dinner, he claimed to have read the entire book. We were understandably skeptical. That is, until he started relating what he'd learned.
"You know that big monster that is sitting and waiting while that one woman has a baby? He wants to eat it when its born!'

"Oh yeah, the bowls of God's judgment that get poured out onto the earth!"

"The beast...oh yeah, he has the 10 horns on his head. Those are for different kings who rule."

And on it went.

The scary thing is that he understands the symbolic nature of the book and works to understand the meanings of the symbols used.

Brian asked him at one point if he remembered the angel's name who chained the dragon. He couldn't recall it.

"It's Michael." Dad supplied.

"Oh, the woman who helped David." Sam said.

"No." we clarified. "That was a different Michal, David's wife."

"Michael was one of the archangels, one of God's most important angels." I told him.

Recognition dawned.

"Oh yeah!" Sam exclaimed excitedly. "He's the one who came to Noah and told him it was going to rain!"

Oh yes, of course. The arkangel!

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