Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Madness

No, this will not be a post in which I address my anger issues...

It's Monday - my official laundry day. Also the day I spend doing general cleaning and pick-up from the weekend.

My rule for myself is that I don't go upstairs or down without taking with me something that belongs on the level to where I'm heading. In my brief moments between feeding children, breaking up fights, disciplining children, feeding children, comforting children, dressing children, taking children potty, feeding children, instructing children, explaining to children, answering children, and feeding children, I go on "turbo clean" mode where I spend exactly 30 seconds in whatever room I'm in straightening up messes. If I pass through a room on my way to another one, I do the same in that one. If I'm trying to get dishes done, I do 10 dishes. Or I fold 10 articles of clothing.
I do this with the kids too. I tell them to put 10 toys away in the living room. Then I tell them to do the same in their bedroom. Today, Sam got so into "turbo clean" mode that he was upstairs and downstairs cleaning all on his own. At one point, I went into the boys' room to find everything neatly put away, and Caleb's pillow placed neatly at the head of his bed (all other blankets had been removed - remember, it's laundry day). Sam then came downstairs and started sweeping the entry.
I have my hopes that I passed my cleaning and organizing gene down to that one.


Molly said...

Sounds sort of like our "quick pick" routine. I set the timer for 3-5 minutes and everyone runs around like crazy picking up everything in site. It's amazing how quickly the house can be picked up when I say "quick pick!" and start singing the "Can-Can" song. (Helps if you know the Beethoven's Wig version with the goofy words!)
Way to go, Sarah. Give yourself a break once in a while, too. ;)

Sarah said...

I LOVE the can-can song! We got the boys Beethoven's Wig a few months ago.