Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Watch out for shooting stars

Once upon a time - this afternoon, to be exact - Sam sat at the kitchen table eating his snack of goldfish crackers.
Joined by Caleb...

Sam: "Look Caleb, power stars and power fish!"

Caleb: "No Sam, just power stars. `Cause you know, shooting stars? They're really powerful."

Sam: "Oh. Yeah."

Caleb: "And Minnesota doesn't have any shooting stars. That's how powerful they are."

Sam: "You want one of my fish?"

Caleb: "Yeah, then I'll be able to swim. I'll go right into the basement wall."


sean said...

It's like reading a conversation translated from a different language by someone who doesn't speak English.

Sarah said...

No kidding. Not only do I live in a house with a bunch of young kids, they're not even fluent in my language! No wonder...

ArvindS said...

This brings back such memories! I loved listening in when my son was little and sitting with his friends. I wish I had recorded some of the conversations.