Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Can I get some ice cream with that?

At our house today, you may have found:

One very wet pull-up on a 2-year-old who was mistakenly trusted at key points in the day with taking it off in favor of dry underwear.

Two frozen pizzas that, when cooked, were pronounced "Mmmm!" and "Yum!" by a husband who deserves better home-cooked meals more often.

One very obnoxious child outside the patio door doing his ape dance: jumping up and down on bowed legs with arms curved at his side, yelling "Whoo-yah, whoo-yah, whoo-yah!!" and banging on the sliding glass door with a stick.

Two babies grabbing each other's hands and sucking on each other's fingers.

One 4-year-old hopping on one foot.

One windblown mama whose 2-year-old proclaimed "I LOVE your hair!" while running his fingers through it at t-ball practice.

One package of brand new wooden spoons. (Can't wait to use them!)

One freezer stuffed with vanilla ice cream, coffee ice cream, rainbow sherbet, and peanut butter swirl ice cream.............................................

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Molly said...

Isn't it true that husbands and children enjoy the less-than-home-cooked meals even more than the home-cooked kind? Makes me wonder if it's worth the effort. :)