Wednesday, July 29, 2009

French lessons

Overheard conversation at Bakers Square tonight:

Mom to son approx. 9 years old: "That is inappropriate."

Son: "Why?"

Mom: "Because you need to be taught when swearing is okay and when it's not okay first. Then you can use those words. When you're talking to me or when you're in public, it's not okay."

A conversation followed to which I tuned out, discussing other appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.

In my defense, these people were seated directly behind my booth and they were talking quite loudly. I really don't try to overhear everyone's dinner conversation.

Maybe someone could give me some ideas for my own dinner conversation and then I wouldn't be so apt to listen to others?

Anyway, what kind of a mother actually advises, "trains", her child about swearing? Other than, "don't do it"? Isn't it always inappropriate to swear? What happened to character? The word I've heard defined as, "Who you are when no one's looking"? It made me wish I'd brought my travel-size hot sauce key chain and given that mom a sample of how I handle inappropriate.

Or would that be inappropriate?

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