Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lay it down

Caleb learned Respect at school today.

"Mama, the school counselor came in again today and we talked about respect.  So, like, she would choose one of the kids to come up and then they would have something, like a book.  Then she would take it away and say, `Mine!'  And then that kid would have to say the right thing to get the book back."

"What did he have to say?"  I ask.

"Well, he would say, `Can I have that back?  You need to go and get a different book."


Sounds pretty good.

But every single day before school, every night before bed, we pray together with the boys that they would shine the light of Jesus to everyone they come across in school.

Very often, what shining Jesus' light looks like is the opposite of what the world says is right.

So I questioned Caleb.  "Do you think that's the best way to show Jesus' love?  It's definitely better than just grabbing the book back and starting a fight, but is it the best way?"

He thought for a minute.

"Ohhh!  He should say, `That's okay, you can have that book.  I'll go find a different one.' "

Yes!  That's right, Caleb!  Many might call this being a doormat or not standing up for yourself.  As we view a situation like this solely through a worldly lens, we are sometimes hazy on the Truth of what is right.  Sometimes the best is thought of as too stupid, too unattainable, too backward to meld with society.  Kind of like the Sermon on the Mount, I guess.  Who can live up to that?  But we are called to do it.  We are called to walk in His footsteps, to be a servant, to shine His light in any way possible.  We are not called to promote Self (and Self is very good at promoting - it doesn't need much help).

It is so subtle, yet it is there - the world does not have the mind of Christ.  Yet, if you have become a child of God, you do! 

I so want my children to be taught by someone who has the mind of Christ.

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