Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday I sang him to sleep in my arms.  Today he sings songs he made up.

Yesterday he fit on my lap from head to toe.  Today I don't dare lift him up.

Yesterday he had a wonderfully infectious giggle.  Today he still does.

Yesterday his rolls of fat were countless.  Today I can count his ribs and have to remind him to "put on a belt".

Yesterday his vocabulary consisted of "Oh wow!" and "uh-oh!".  Today he brings home perfect spelling tests. 

Yesterday he stood in the living room and entertained us on his toy drum and kazoo.  Today I listen to the sounds of his piano practice as I do the dishes.

Yesterday he cuddled up with a thumb and his "yag" on my lap.  Today I am blessed when I feel his arms around me.

Yesterday I taught him how to hold a crayon.  Today he brings me drawings of dinosaurs.

Yesterday it took both his parents to give him a bath in the infant tub.  Today he swims the length of the pool.

Yesterday I gleefully picked up the phone to schedule my first doctor's appointment about 2 minutes after I found out I was expecting him.  Today I am already getting a taste of the young man he will become.

Yesterday he was leading his little brother "Ay-deb" around the house and into all his activities.  Today he leads a parade of five.

Yesterday I crept into his room at night and gazed down at a tiny baby, amazed that he was mine to raise.  Today that amazement is deeper as I realize more and more what a gift God has given us in him.

That was yesterday, right?

And today we're celebrating 7 years of Sam.

Happy birthday, Samuel Paul.  We love you so much.

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